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Industry Leading Journey Management and Work Alone Mobile Solution

eJourney Manager is an industry leading mobile platform that automates Journey Management and Work Alone processes.

Fast, Effective and Customizable Risk Assessment

eJourney Manager is the only Work Alone and Journey Management software that allows supervisors, managers or executives real time capability to approve or decline trip of varying levels of assessed risk.  Find out why Work Alone and Journey Management software is leading the way in Work Alone risk management.

About us

An industry leading journey management and work alone software support by a highly experience team of health & safety professionals and industry leading mobile experts.  Our team is the best of the best.

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What is eJourney Manager?


Journey Management

Why is eJourney Manager a leader in safety management?  Our innovative software tracks, reports and analyzes in real time.  Protect your company and employees with our industry leading journey management monitoring and real time risk assessment analysis.  Eliminate the need for costly third party call in centers and archaic paper reporting systems.

Work Alone

This portion of the app ensures you comply with working alone legislation.  eJourney Manager Work Alone monitoring and risk assessment analysis provides an easy to use tool for employees to use while on site, in the shop or in the field.  Lowering work place hazards and risks while promoting maximum health and safety awareness is why eJourney Manager is the best solution for your company.

Safety Reporting

Accountability is essential to work place health and safety.  With eJourney Manager, your company will have access to real time reports, user analytics , risk assessment reports, journey management oversight and much more.


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Industry Leading Journey Management and Work Alone Solutions

eJourney Manager provides an industry leading mobile software platform for companies who want Journey Management and Work Alone monitoring

Exceeding Industry Practice & Legislative Requirements

eJourney Manager meets and exceeds industry needs and legislative requirements. Our work alone and journey management tool is a best in class technology that makes employee participation easy, accountability trackable, and ultimately raise employee safety

Professional and responsible

The difference is our people. Our team consists of industry experts in health and safety who have worked together to bring the best solution for Journey Management and Work Alone requirements your business needs. We match this with industry experts in app development.


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About us


Our team is a combination of experienced health and safety professionals who have a proven track record of developing journey management and working alone programs for some of North Americas largest service companies. Our technical development team consists of industry leading mobile app development experts. Together the team brings the synergistic properties required to make a cutting edge journey management and working alone solution.